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Vegetable Dips

vdipWhen there is dip accompanying a tray of raw vegetables, my kids always will eat every last veggie on the tray.  Without the dip however, they're not so excited about it.   My kids favorite way to dip raw vegetables is our "ranch dip".  It's basically plain yogurt with a seasoning packet of ranch mix.  This dip is:

  • Super fast
  • Super easy
  • super cheap
  • Healthier than a bottle of ranch dressing (with HFCS and bad fats)
  • Always available (we keep a small container of it in the fridge where they can pull it out any time.  We also keep cut up vegetables for dipping right with the dip.  Meaning, in ONE container there is dip plus the veggies.

There are ton's of other ways to make dips for your kids.  We also like

What do your kids like to dip their vegetables in?

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09/20/2010 9:24am
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mom Made Foods, Healthykids. Healthykids said: If your kids will only eat vegetables with dip, here are some dip idea. [...]
09/20/2010 11:25am
I am PUMPED about this! Plain yogurt with ranch seasoning!!! GENIUS! I can't wait to try it! Thanks for enlightening us!
09/20/2010 11:43am
Don't forget hummus! It's easily our favorite healthy dip - and we can change up the flavors every time we make it.
09/20/2010 11:47am
my kids LOVE dip! they will eat hummus by the bucket because they think there's nothing healthy in it.
09/20/2010 1:24pm
We've always done the ranch seasoning packets with sour cream. I've never even considered yogurt! Shame on me. ;) I'll have to try it sometime.
09/20/2010 2:26pm
I second (or third) the hummus! My kids LOVE it. They also like to dip carrots in salsa and black bean dip. This isn't a dip, but cherry tomatoes are also a super healthy snack. At restaurants we'll order a bowl of these for the girls to snack on (and they would dip well in ranch, too!)
09/22/2010 12:26pm
I really like plain yogurt with ranch packet too! It's hard to resist, and definitely better for you than mayo!
09/23/2010 7:23am
To be honest, I never really considered alternatives to Ranch dip. Like you said, my kids eat up all the veggies with the Ranch dip. I guess I will have to try the yogurt idea. My kids love yogurt. I, myself, prefer guacamole with just about everything.
09/26/2010 6:28am
For a house that doesnt have french fries its weird that my son loves to dip veggies and meat in ketchup! Well at least that was a phase for a while. He also likes mild salsa, sweet and sour sauce, taco sauce, pretty much any sauce i'm cooking with. We dont have ranch but my Mom had an interesting observation while cooking for a bible camp this summer: the kids asked for ranch at EVERY meal! They put it on pizza, sloppy joes, eggs, everything!
09/27/2010 3:47pm
Andrea: Hilarious! When I first started this blog, I used to call TJ, Ketchup boy, cause he literally would put ketchup on everything!! It seems he's grown out of it, but I've heard that about ranch and all those other foods... so strange!!
03/01/2011 7:29am
[...] cold veggie/snack: sugar snap peas and carrots with yogurt based ranch dip [...]

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