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‘Slow Cooker’ Meal Plan and Tin Foil Dinners

My husband and I were invited on Friday night to a Tin Foil Dinner Party! It was great fun, with several couples all bringing their own dinner and cooking it on hot coals.  I asked my good Facebook fans what kind of healthy tin foil dinners they liked, and got so many great replies.  Check out the ideas here


Having a tin foil dinner party is a great idea for family parties, regular dinner, or date nights.  We ended up bringing some Tilapia and potatoes in our foil. I had to take the picture secretly with my phone so I wouldn't embarrass my husband. So, it's not that great of a photo.



The host heated up coals, and then put the hot, white coals on cookie sheets. Then we put our tin foil dinners right on the cookie sheets. Then we voted on who had the best, most interesting dinner! We didn't get ANY votes. (But it was still yummy!). The host also put a dutch oven full of peach cobbler in the fire pit for dessert.


I've had Crock Pot's on my mind! Normally, I try not to get swept up into internet drama, but there are certain stories I just can't stop watching unfold! Such is the case with the 'sudden fame' of the Crock Pot Girls on Facebook.  Quick re-cap.. some "girls" started a slow cooker Facebook group to share recipes, and within a few short weeks, they have 1.1 million Facebook Fans (and constantly growing).  I have my theories on the quick and suspicious rise to fame, but I've already voiced my opinion in other places and I'm wasting way too much of my life talking about it. Laughing out loud

  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner

Mango peach
smoothies with
coconut milk.


Honey Hummus with pita chips New Mexican Green Chile Pork Stew

Waffles with
peach syrup


Applesauce Zesty Chicken and Rice Supper
Wednesday Slow-cooker Oatmeal Lunchables

Mini veggie

Vegetarian dish: Artichoke and Tomato Paella
Thursday Grain free peanut apple scones

Baked potatoes
with vegetables

String Cheese and almonds Café Rio pork salads

Peach and yogurt

Peanut Butter
and banana

Frozen bananas Slow Cooker Turkey Lasagna
*Don't forget.. you can get a printable meal plan on our archives page.
*Last November I posted another Slow Cooker Meal Plan
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09/05/2011 12:20pm
Where have you voiced your opinion about their rise to fame? I would be interested to read it. Love the meal plans by the way!
09/05/2011 3:01pm
Oh, just bantering on Twitter here:!/Healthykids and on a post written by my sister.
09/05/2011 3:31pm
I noticed the same thing with a bunch of my friends liking it but I never thought to ask them about it.
09/05/2011 5:32pm
I love these ideas and need them with our busy back to school schedules. It's a happy day for me when I can throw stuff into our crockpot in the morning and not worry about dinner. Thanks Amy!!
09/05/2011 6:23pm
Sorry that you didn't get any votes. Maybe next time you should throw your own party and demand a recount. Maybe it's this rainy hurricane weather we've been having, but I've been wanting to break out the ol' crockpot lately too!
09/06/2011 10:14am
I love my crock pot.
09/06/2011 5:45pm
We LOVE taking fresh zucchini and yellow squash from the garden, with maybe some carrots and onion with little bit of seasonings and making a foil pack and throwing it on the grill aside whatever meat we are cooking. Quick, easy and healthy!! Or we love doing the same thing with quartered cabbage and S&P! Yummy!!!

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