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DIY: Microwave Popcorn

The USDA recommends half of the grains you eat be whole grains.  And popcorn totally counts!  Previously I posted how you can make popcorn in the microwave simply using a brown paper bag.  This idea prompted Beth to start making popcorn everyday and she's just about lost all of her baby weight eating this low fat yummy snack.  Well, here's another one for you, WITHOUT the paper bag.  I bring you, popcorn in a dish!

Step 1: Put 1/3 cup popcorn kernals in microwave safe 1 1/2- 2 qt dish with lid


Step 2:  Put in microwave for a good 5 to 5 1/2 minutes (or until popping slows down)

Step 3:  Top it with whatever your kids like!  Warning!  The dish is VERY HOT! Do not let your kids take this out of the microwave, and use hot pads.

I love this idea because pre-packaged microwave popcorn is full of chemicals, and regular popcorn kernals can get as low as .08 per ounce. (Although I think certain brands pop better than others)  But we need more topping ideas.  We usually add a small amount of butter, or cooking spray with a shake of salt.  But we are kind of boring that way.  What do you put on your popcorn?

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11/04/2008 7:22am
We mix powder from ranch dressing packets with melted butter for our popcorn. My husband thinks it is so weird, but I grew up on it. I have also heard of using Lawry's seasoned salt.
11/04/2008 7:32am
What a great idea! So simple, so obvious, and yet I've never once thought of making popcorn that way. I've never thought of popcorn as a whole grain either. :-)
11/04/2008 9:31am
Cool! My air popper takes up so much I can get rid of it. We sprinkle the butter flavored powder that probably has all the same chemicals as microwaved popcorn. They sell lots of those cool flavor powders. I also had a teacher once do olive oil and spicy peppers; that popcorn was amazing but I never got the recipe.
11/04/2008 10:47am
I didn't know you could do that! We've used an air popper before but could never really get anything to stick to it. I'd try spraying it with I can't believe it's not butter spray but then it would get kind of soggy. Maybe I'll try the cooking spray idea and see if that works better.
11/04/2008 10:49am
Oh, and I like the idea of losing the baby weight! :) Maybe I should try that instead of eating cookies and Halloween candy!
11/04/2008 12:40pm
Cool Idea! I'll have to try it at home. Tim Rosanelli View my blog at <a href="" rel="nofollow">Sensei Talks</a> Join our sit-up challenge at <a href="" rel="nofollow">60 Situps in a Minute Challenge</a>
11/04/2008 1:26pm
We love popcorn here! My daughter and my new fall flavor is melted butter, and a spice blend of salt, a pinch of sugar and curry powder. We do stove top, with oil, but I'm totally trying this microwave way!
11/04/2008 6:05pm
wow. i am going to have to try it that way!!! i like butter on my popcorn but if i buy popcorn at the popcorn store it is always "pickle popcorn". yum. now if i could just find out how to do that at home!
Vennesa Murray
11/04/2008 7:02pm
I pop it in the microwave then spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with Kraft Parmesan cheese.
11/04/2008 9:06pm
No way!! Who knew!? I LOVE popcorn! Thanks for the tip Amy...and the voting reminder! :)
11/05/2008 2:27pm
Try coconut oil! Super yummy with just a touch.
11/06/2008 12:49pm
Awesome! I use garlic salt.
11/06/2008 4:32pm
Wow! I'm a star now! I hope Chicago is a blast!
11/13/2008 2:03pm
Here's a question- what is the best brand of popcorn kernels you use? Since you say that some pop better than others? Thanks so much- love your blog!
11/13/2008 6:07pm
I like Orville Redenbacher. It seems that most of my kernals actually pop, and pop big, rather than having them small or unpopped.
02/17/2009 6:42am
[...] Another microwave idea in casserole dish [...]
10/03/2009 1:01pm
thanks = you have to try sprinkling 'engevita' or 'good-tasting yeast' from the health food store, on your popcorn after it is cooked - we are hooked on this and it is very healthy
02/21/2012 10:54am
[...] our very first popcorn popper!  We'd been using the "brown bag in the microwave" method (or a dish) for so many years, my kids didn't even know there was any other way to make popcorn.  The [...]
03/26/2012 8:27am
My kids and I love popcorn with parmesean cheese and fresh black pepper
02/12/2013 9:59pm
Be sure to adjust the time for your own microwave. I ended up with a burned mess!
06/04/2013 5:15pm
Fail! Glass dish came out and shattered!
06/04/2013 5:32pm
Oh no Becky!! I'm so sorry! How long did you have the microwave set for?
06/04/2013 5:32pm
And, was your casserole dish microwave safe??

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