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New healthy meal plan and Peeled Snacks

Today I got to meet two awesome bloggers in REAL LIFE! Traci from Burnt Apple, and Becky (Project Domestication).  I met them when I stopped by the Food Bloggers Bake sale! I'm so impressed with all who participated to help those less fortunate! Great job bloggers!!

On Monday's menu, I've got Peeled Snacks!  Check them out. They are organic, all natural, no added ingredients, and delicious! Just FRUIT!  Perfect for on the go nutrition.

Organic Fruit Picks Variety Pack

For Today's meal ideas I scoured the web for some heart healthy, kid friendly recipes.   Normally I don't have such free time to browse online, but that's what happens when you procrastinate doing all the things you should be doing and decide to surf the web instead because your husband is working a night shift :(

Don't forget to visit the archives for a printable version.

Healthy Habit Tip of the week:  Limit eating and snacking to certain rooms in your home. Eating in front of the television, or on the go, are habits that lead to mindless eating.

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04/17/2010 8:49pm
You'll have to tell me when you try those chickpeas. They look good! Have you made them before?
04/18/2010 7:51am
You have the best menus! Yum!
04/18/2010 7:52am
I just noticed the ladybugs and bumblebees on there! Thanks for the link! My kids loved them; hope yours do too!
04/18/2010 2:26pm
I never have! I'll let you know if we like them.
04/18/2010 6:46pm
I just made the chickpeas. I thought they were pretty good. Next time I'll cut out the cayenne pepper and just do the garlic and onion. A little cayenne went a long way! The kids keep eating them though. And they're drinking a ton of water!
04/19/2010 5:44am
I love this menu! There are so many things I want to try. The fruity pasta salad looks good and I love those ladybugs! I want some of those peeled snacks too! Have a great week!
04/19/2010 8:20am
Awesome! Thanks for being the test kitchen!

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