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Leap Froggies for Leap Day

What do you get when you take a green apple, celery, carrots, raisins, and Laughing Cow cheese??


Leap Froggies!  Your kids will love these! (mine did) Just slice your apples into quarters, stick together with Laughing Cow cheese.  And then assemble your froggies.  They might literally leap into your kids' mouths!


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02/29/2012 5:41pm
Too cute! These would be fun for an after-school snack! :)
02/29/2012 5:48pm
My kids would loves these any day!
03/06/2012 8:22pm
We made "Fruity Frogs" too - idea from FamilyFun. They turned out really cute. That's actually how I found your site as well. Congrats on your plates being featured! I am adding your button to my sidebar and already told a few friends about your site. Looking forward to trying some recipes, and thanks for the meal plan ideas!
10/08/2012 7:15am
Wanna make these for my sons class snack....wonder if peanut butter would work as well as the cheese.....
10/08/2012 10:40am
I am sure peanut butter would work great!

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