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International Food: Kid Friendly Japanese Food

Japanese FlagWe are covering foods from different countries over the next few weeks in honor of the Olympics!  When Natalie and I decided to do this, of course I wanted Japan.  We just said goodbye to our sweet Japanese student, Anna, and my kids miss her already. We love learning about their culture and especially learning about their tastes.

We've had 4 students from Japan and every one of them was thoroughly in love with tuna!  The liked it tucked inside a rice ball, on bread, and rolled up like sushi.  Sushi can be very foreign to kids, but I have found some good luck with some non-GMO soy wrappers, rather than going for the dark green seaweed wraps, but if you can get them to enjoy the seaweed, more power to ya!

So, we decided to bring a little Japan home by making some tuna stuffed sushi.  We stuffed our Japanese sushi with

  • Rice
  • Tuna
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • and Mung Beans

Tuna Sushi for Kids

Laying the sushi wrapper on a towel, or bamboo mat, spread rice all over it.  Then, we lined the middle with our fillings.

Making sushi with kids

Then, using the towel or mat to guide your wrapper, hold the fillings in and roll tightly- not too tight that you rip your wrapper though.


Then, simply slice your log of sushi into manageable sizes for your kids.

sushi logs

Tuna and rice sushi in soy wrapperstuna wraps with riceJapanese cooking for kids

These are a perfect size to send in a small box for lunch!  Add some grapes, and you've got a balanced meal.

Japanese lunch for kids

Why tuna is awesome:

  • Tryptophan, selenium, protein, vitamin B3, B6, potassium, and Omega 3 fats!  Need I say more?

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08/01/2012 7:18pm
I like Sushi but would live it if it didn't have the seaweed wrapper. Where did you buy those other wrappers and what do they taste like?
08/01/2012 7:21pm
They are soy wrappers, and I got them at Macey's in the Asian Aisle.. They actually have not taste at all- wade was just complaining about that. lol
08/01/2012 7:52pm
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08/02/2012 3:46pm
This sounds like a fun activity to do with my kids. They would love to try and make sushi.
08/02/2012 7:05pm
Those are indeed healthy foods for kids. I'm sure will love it.
05/28/2013 4:24am
My mom never gave us any reason to believe we wouldn't like seaweed... I remember loving sushi the traditional way even when I was a kid and I have always been a super picky eater. Just don't tell them its seaweed :P

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