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Creepy Crawly Appetizers

Planning a Halloween party?  These mini sandwiches would be perfect to serve!

bug sandwiches

For the snake, we used:

  • 1 slice of Flatout Flatbread
  • 1/2 cup hummus
  • Slices of ham
  • spinach leaves
  • Red bell pepper

creepy crawly appetizers

For the bugs we used:

  • 1 slice of Flatout Bread (Cut into strips)
  • 1 piece of ham
  • Hummus to spread
  • Pretzel sticks

For the spiders we used:

  • 1 slice of Flatout Bread (cut into circles)
  • Peanut butter
  • Jelly
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Pretzel Sticks

spider sandwich

We're not having a party, but my kids still thought these were fun to make!

For more fun ideas, visit Flatout Recipes!  We used the Light Original.  One slice has 90 calories, but 9 grams of protein, and 9 grams of fiber!

Also, my sister has been working tirelessly on redesigning my blog! If you are reading this in a google reader, hop over to check it out! Go Here!

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10/17/2011 7:52pm
These all look great, but I am wondering if you have any "spooky side dishes" to share that I could use for a young kids halloween party. Main dish & dessert being provided by the host, she is asking the other moms to bring a "spooky" side or snack to share.
10/18/2011 7:19am
Hey Kara... check out these cool spider eggs here: Spider crackers: Super cute strawberry ghosts: And my witches fingers are pretty spooky: Those are some fun, spooky side dishes I think!!
10/19/2011 6:10pm
Your blog is looking GREAT Amy!!! I didn't know that you had such a talented sister. How great! I had enjoyed her site in the past and had no idea you were related. Lucky you :) What theme is this? I'm about to design my husband's new site on WordPress Headway theme... more to learn... aaacck!
10/19/2011 6:46pm
Thanks for a great idea, Amy! Sadly, I am the only in this house who likes hummus. Peanut butter is a go.... wonder what else I could use... Did you see our revamped site?!
10/20/2011 4:22am
Love your site Michelle!! Kelly: I love my sister!! What site does your husband own??
10/20/2011 5:53pm
I love these but have to factor in allergy kids for the classroom party. Still looking for a 'spooky' treat that is allergy friendly for the classroom.
10/21/2011 10:22am
Great ideas -- made my mouth water -- and a wonderful site. I'll pass it along to my class' parents!

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