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Children’s Vitamins and Free Healthy Meal Plan

We all know its ideal to get our vitamins through food.  Nothing can compete with the synergistic properties that only whole foods can bring.  However, as any good parent and health conscious person knows, its always a good idea to support a diet with a multivitamin, to fill in the gaps. 

What makes a good children's vitamin?

  • Taste!  If they won't eat them, what good are they, right?  (But they can't be too good.  I once had to call poison control when Erica was 3 because she ate our entire jar of gummy bear vitamins.  The guy on the other end of the phone told me he got that same call every single day!)
  • Contrary to popular belief, multivitamins do not need to contain 100% of the RDA to be good.  We eat a lot of fortified foods in this country and toxicity may be more of a risk than deficiency, especially in fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A.
  • Beware of artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.  If you won't feed this to your kids in their food, why would you let them have it in a vitamin?


Dr. Sears Family Essentials sent my kids some of their vitamins to try.  They tasted great without the addition of artificial sweeteners and colors. And my kids did not have to be reminded to take them!  Their fruit chew line includes a multivitamin, Omega 3 supplements, Vitamin C and D chews.  All of them tasted great, according to my kids.

Dr. Sears has become a well known name in the children's health world.  He has written over 32 books and has a website that attracts 1.5 million unique users each month.

And now, without further delay, here is our healthy meal ideas for this week.

  Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner
Monday Morning Glory Muffins Mango chicken salad wrap

Plain Yogurt with Cottage cheese and berries

BBQ chicken with sweet potato Crescent rolls
Tuesday blueberry Smoothies with whole wheat toast Layered Pea Salad Poppers Black Bean Tortilla casserole
Wednesday One eyed monsters and orange juice Whole wheat pasta with broccoli and parmesan cheese Apples with peanut butter

Chicken and rice with mushrooms, onions, broccoli

Thursday Banana Nut Waffles "Face sandwiches" English muffin- Nut (peanut butter) apples and raisins) Apple Chips Kewl Asian Wraps
Friday Black bean and salsa omelets

Almond Butter and Jelly on Whole wheat bread

Almonds and raisins

Lasagna with salad


Only 3 weeks left till I'm running this marathon with my friend.  Tomorrow, we are trying for our longest run of 24 miles.  If I am not online all day as a result, its because the run kicked my trash, like I'm expecting it to.  The last long run we did left me sick and immobile all day long!! 

But on a positive note, our PTA is planning a 5K fundraiser this year instead of selling junk food! Hooray! 

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09/05/2010 3:03pm
Good luck on your run! So my little guy just started kindergarten, and they have to bring two snacks a day. On his first day, the teacher said that the snacks have to sit in their cubbies so they can grab them quickly. Almost all my snack plans went out the door, knowing that I can't refrigerate them. So, if you have a minute, can you email me some ideas of high protein snacks that you don't have to keep cold, please! Thanks :)
09/05/2010 4:25pm
I give my kids whole food vitamins. They actually taste good so that is a plus. My daughter doesn't really need them but my boys are not the best eaters (to say the least). Thanks for sharing the meal plan. Good luck with your marathon training. My husband is running the NYC marathon in November. I can't run around the block.
09/05/2010 10:44pm
That is so great you are doing a Marathon! One day I hope I have that desire, but until then I will just stick with the Sprint Tri's. I am excited to hear how it goes!!
09/06/2010 1:24pm
Good luck on the marathon! Our elementary schools 5K is the big race for me every year. :) I was so excited that you posted something on vitamins for kids. All the kids vitamins at the grocery store are packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners. (I choose sugar). But then I saw the price for Dr. Sears vitamins. With 5 kids, I'd be spending $115 per month on vitamins. I guess I'll stick with my Western Family Chewables. :(
09/07/2010 10:55am
Thanks for the Multivitamin story. I work for Dr Sears and while our Vitamins are a little pricier then the sugar and artificail color chewables we use only the best ingredients. We recommend 1 chew for ages 2-3 and 1 to 2 for 4 and up. If your kids are eating a balance diet, than one a day should be fine. Full price is 12.99 for a 30 day supply, but you can find us on special at many retailers and we do a buy one get one free two times a year on our on website. So with proper planning you price to ensure good nutrition can be as low as $6 per month.
09/07/2010 1:21pm
[...] 115 a month on vitamins. I think I’ll stick with my Chewables Western Family. Write a comment Healthy Meal Plans – Google Blog Search by Vook tv Related news: Dining receipts don’t ‘Print Responsibly’ [...]
09/07/2010 10:37pm
Hey Amy! Have you heard of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements? It's a great resource for choosing a trustworthy supplement. Your one-eyed monsters look fun and my son just turned 1 so he can have eggs now! He practically inhaled his first egg the other night.
Jess Eng
09/09/2010 6:41pm
love the menus. i have a one & two year old so it's frustrating to make a whole batch of whatever when most of it doesn't get eaten. do you ever have the same problem? what do you like to do with your leftovers? recreate them, freeze them...? thanks!
10/27/2010 8:58am
Wow - that's an important point on the kids gummy bears - need to keep an eye on your children, or dole them out each day. Kids seem to think of them as candy; when I did a demonstration which included kids gummy vitamins, a few kids tried to grab multiple samples & their moms had to explain, "this is not candy"!

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