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Carrot Cubes

carrot ice hearts

One very fast way to use lots of carrots in a short amount of time is juicing them!  My goodness it takes a lot of carrots!  I can get about 1 cup of carrot juice out of 1 lb of carrots.   But seeing as we had plenty to spare, I went ahead and splurged.

After the carrots were juiced, I poured the juice into ice cube molds.  The frozen carrot juice can last for several months properly packaged in the freezer.  You can then use the carrot ice cubes for smoothies or even a veggies soup broth!

We decided on smoothies for today.  This smoothie was super easy and very low in sugar, yet it was sweet.

Carrot Banana Smoothie

  • 1 cup frozen carrot juice ice cubes
  • 1 cup vanilla soy milk
  • 1 banana

Blend in blender until smooth!


carrot smoothiecarrot ninja ice

Don't have time for juicing, or don't have a juicer?  Mary Kathryn suggested just chopping up the carrots whole and freezing them for smoothies!  Great idea!

So, I've got smoothies and broths as possible uses for carrot juice.  Any other ideas for using carrot juice out there?

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10/12/2010 4:55am
I _just_ saw a blog post about using concentrated carrot juice in carrot cake or muffins (can't remember which). Of course, now I can't find it. Arghhhh.
10/12/2010 5:04am
I was actually looking for recipes for this post using carrot juice, but every time I Googled carrot juice with the word recipes, all I ever got was recipes for making carrot juice! So, if you find it, let me know!
10/12/2010 5:40am
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Best Bites for Kids and Healthykids, Healthykids. Healthykids said: Have carrot juice? Make smoothies. Try this recipe today. [...]
10/12/2010 5:46am
I wonder if you could mix it with another juice and make jello with unflavored gelatin. Puts a whole new meaning on Jello with carrots! ;)
10/12/2010 7:12am
These ideas are great! I don't know why I never thought of freezing them.. I LOVE the shapes! By the way your interview comes out tomorrow on It's a 2 part interview. Thanks Again!
10/12/2010 3:41pm
My kids eat carrots but I'm not sure if they would drink them. I will have to try!
10/12/2010 6:17pm
Love! Sophie would totally dig these...I think we might be trying to make some adorable carrot juice cubes soon. :D
10/13/2010 4:21am
Jamie: LOL. Yes it does. It seems the carrot juice tastes VERY carroty! So if you like the taste of carrots, a lot it's worth a try!
10/15/2010 8:41am
You've got some cool ice cube molds! Next time carrots are on sale I need to try making and freezing some carrot puree!
03/30/2011 5:02pm
Juice carots and apples then mix the juices!!! (cold is better!)
10/17/2011 5:42am
[...] Day 2 Carrot Juice [...]
03/01/2012 4:53pm
[...] Juice it and freeze for later use in smoothies, broths, or homemade juice.  This is some carrot juice I froze into a shaped mold.  We used it in a carrot-vanilla-banana smoothie. [...]
09/09/2013 8:11am
Where did you get the Ninja star shape cub tray? Also,do you have a favorite juicer machine that you use?
09/09/2013 8:24am
I Think Ikea!
04/17/2014 4:19pm
How about carrot juice gummy snacks? Mix it with some pureed fruit add some gelatin. Might be good? :D
04/25/2014 7:23am
That would be good Sarah!

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