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Allison H (St. Louis, Missouri)

Thank you SO much for making these plates!  I have three kids ages 7, 4, and 2.  I have been looking for these plates for awhile.  I even thought about printing out pictures of the food groups and covering with clear contact paper over the plates to make them.  Yours are MUCH, MUCH better!  This will help them to learn to concentrate on fruit and veggies.  I have one who wants to fill her ENTIRE plate with pasta or rice every meal.  :)  This will be great.  Thanks again for developing these.  I can't wait to get mine.  I just ordered 3!  If you ever make one with 5 holes I would be interested in that one too!

Gina Marie:

"We love our new plates, thank you! We got rid of all the other divided plates we had and these are our only ones!"

From Tony M,

Dear Amy, Thanks for the plates.  They're fun, affordable, sturdy, and healthy.  Perfect.  We used them the first day they arrived and love them! Regards, Tony

From Cyndi,

I just received the plates for my grandkids. I am teaching them about nutrition and exercise. As soon as they got them the youngest was in the fridg trying to find things to put on hers. I think this will help the whole family learn more about nutrition.

Kelly, from What My Kids Are Eating said:

She (her daughter) chose apples and carrots (not a typical breakfast food, but she saw it on the picture and had to have it, lol!), a Kashi bar, and cheese cubes. My four year old easily made a healthy, balanced breakfast just by using the pictures on the plate.

Whole Kids Project:

We completely agree with Amy’s objective of promoting “good” foods and not banning “bad” foods.  It’s far better to educate your kid’s about “balance” and to encourage them in making their own healthy choices.

Fitz, author of The Everything Flat Belly Cookbook  said:

Make this plate a standard at each meal and children will grow accustomed to piling on the fruits and veggies, while enjoying moderate portions of protein and starchy carbs

Firefly posted:

The plate is perfect first in size. Than it allows children to play along, by uncovering fun food pictures that are hiding underneath their dinner. Plus it brings healthy eating conversations doing the dinner time. My daughter asked about the pictures on the plate, and why they are divided the way they were, and why some foods are better than the others?!

The untrained housewife said:

My toddler loved the plate right from the start. The pictures drew her attention and she pointed out “Mama, apples!”, “Chi-cken” and “Cheese”. The only problem I had was making her understand that she can’t have everything in the pictures for every meal!

Heather, from Simply Healthful Said:

My son said,”Mommy the plate says I need carrots too”, I was shocked, he is not a carrot boy. So I added some carrot sticks too. He loved his lunch and his new plate! Thanks Amy!

Workout Mommy

Not only is it educational for your kids, but it is fun too! My son is just starting to pick up on the concept of filling his plate with healthy foods (and I think my husband might get it soon as well!)


Tired Tesa

who knew a plate could actually help make kids eat dinner so easily!

Dina Rose:

I've never endorsed a product before, but I've got to say, this one warms my heart. This cool plate puts proportion front and center, and devotes half the space to fruits and vegetables.  Your kids will love it — even my 9 year old begged to use it when it came in the mail!—and it teaches the right habits.

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Healthy Kids Plates

Gluten Free E-Meal Plan - GLU-4599 - Super Healthy Kids - Healthy Kids Plates

Do you have a child with:

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This is a digital edition of a meal plan.  There is no hard copy available, but you are welcome to print it or use it on the website. There is no recurring billing.  

Once your purchase is complete, find the tab that says "Gluten Free Meal Plan" under the Meal Plan tab. You will get to this page:

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We have pictures of all the meals on the meal plan- Perfect for printing for your family to see.



*This is not meant to replace an actual diagnosis for gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. This is a meal plan to help families suffering with those ailments.  Please contact your physician for proper diagnosis.