Whole Grain Dessert

p5030022-winceTUESDAY: Whole grains (oats)

Food is more than the nutrients they provide, it is also for our pleasure and a HUGE part of our culture. So in honor of pleasure and culture, I wanted to try to makeover some yummy no-bake chocolate cookies. 

There is a place for treats in our diet. When treats become a special event, they truly taste better and are more delicious.  A dietary habit of making treats commonplace diminish the pleasure of them altogether. 

I experimented with two batches of no-bake cookies on Sunday. These are the changes I made. 

Batch #1 Batch #2
1 Cup of sugar
2 Cups sugar
Soy Milk
Regular Milk
Natural Almond Butter
Regular Peanut Butter

 Both batches turned out exactly the same in taste!  There was absolutely no difference in sweetness. There is no reason to use the full amount of sugar in any baked goods.  Here is the recipe.

I intentionally added extra oats and some heart healthy nuts (almonds, peanuts, and walnuts), and some cocoa!  (my father-in-law’s eyes are still improving!!)  We need to be intentional about adding healthy, whole foods to our kids diet.  That is a responsibility that can not be delegated.

 Happy Cinco De Mayo!   I am soaking some black beans right now, and we are having taco soup for dinner.  Delicious.

By Amy Roskelley
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