gluten free recipes for kids

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Here are a few steps that will help you be successful in using this site.

      1. Visit the meal plan page, or to download or save each meal plan.
      2. Print the shopping list and go shopping for the current weeks meals.
      3. Scan the meal plan to see which meals you can make ahead, or make ahead and freeze.
      4. Prepare your meals and feed your family!

How can I afford all this food?

To make every meal on this meal plan would be expensive!  Most of us don't cook food four times a day, 7 days a week.  We recommend choosing certain meals your family would be interested in, and only print the shopping list for those meals.  However, you can definitely spend less by following our steps below:

  • Know your price points and stock up during sales.  We consistently use the same foods over and over!  Any pantry stable items like baking products, canned goods, and spices can be purchased in bulk when you find a great price.
  • Bring a calculator to the store to get the best price per ounce.  Buy the store brand if  it's cheaper!

The shopping lists have amounts. What if I double the recipe?

The grocery list has the amount listed are based on servings for the recipes. If you need more food, adjust the amounts in the grocery list as well.

Holy Shopping List, Batman!  Why so much food? 

We tried to include everything possible for preparing all the meals.  We are assuming you already have some staples like condiments, herbs, spices, baking supplies, etc.  So you may not have to purchase as many of the items as are on the list.  As you stick with us, the meal plans will use foods you may have already purchased in prior weeks!

I have noticed that the caloric content varies each day.  I have two teenage daughters and this plan looks pretty low in calories for them.

Because our meal plan is used by such a wide variety of ages, at this time we do not have a set calorie amount. Caloric need varies so much with age and activity level that we provided nutrition information so that you can adjust according to personal need.  The best way to adjust is by increasing number of servings.  This allows more flexibility within the meal plan because you can increase servings from you favorite meals.

What if I have a question about an ingredient?

Use our “contact page” to ask us anything! We are always on stand by to answer questions about ingredients and substitutions!

If there is a meal my family doesn’t like, what do I do?

We’ve chosen meals for these plans that our family enjoys.  If you don’t believe your family will like a particular meal, feel free to exchange it with any of the other 120 meals on the plan!  Be flexible and use the meal plan as a guide of suggestions and ideas instead!

Will we be able to access previous meal plans and recipes? Also, how often will recipes repeat?

There will always be 30 days worth of recipes and meals posted, no matter when you begin.  At the end of each week, one will drop off and another posted so you can plan ahead!  You can save the URL for the meal plans or recipes you want to keep, and you can always return to it while you are a member.

We do plan to re-use some of the best recipes, especially when it comes to snacks, and breakfast. 

Special diets:

While all of our meal ideas can be modified by you to accommodate gluten free, vegetarian, or other special plans, at this time we don’t have a specific meal plan designed for those needs.  Keep checking back, and make sure you are signed up for our newsletter, and we will notify you as soon as we are able to offer that!

How do I cancel?

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