Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

It’s cherry season!  Where I live, it’s only possible to get fresh cherries during the summer.  So, when they are in season (like right now!), we go crazy for cherries.  It is of course possible to buy frozen cherries all year long, which we love, but also tend to forget, considering we overdo it by the end of summer.

Cherries are delicious and a healthy addition to your families diet.  They:

  • Protect against oxidative stress
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Act as a natural pain killer
  • AND help your kids sleep! (source)

That makes this dessert the perfect summer treat!  My kids love to take our cherry pitter and go through a bowl of cherries as soon as I bring them home.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Easy Cherry Chocolate chip ice cream by super healthy kids.jpg

This dessert is so simple.  We used:

  • 2 cups frozen cherries
  • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt (we tried a non-dairy coconut yogurt that I found at our grocery store, and it worked great!)
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips. (we used this vegan brand, also found at my regular grocery store)
making cherry chocolate chip ice cream.jpg

We blended the frozen cherries with the yogurt in a high powered blender.  Then, we folded in the chocolate chips.  Then, put the ice cream in the freezer until it hardened up, about 2 hours.  2 hours is perfect if you want it still a little creamy!

your the cherry on top.jpg

The consensus?  Heavens to mergatroud!  It was AMAZING!!   I have since bought 3 more bags of frozen cherries to keep on making it!   My kids could eat a bowl of it every night and never get sick of it.

ice cream party.jpg cherry chocolate chip ice cream.jpg

And the cute printables if you want to have an ice cream party- I found those here.  And Events To Celebrate has some fun and inexpensive decorating ideas for an ice cream party as well.

So, as always- let us know if you try it and what your kids thought of it!

If you are looking for more kid friendly meal ideas, check out our meal planning site!

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since the frozen banana discovery, we´ve been throwing in lots of frozen combinations into the blender to get that creamy super healthy ice cream! And my lil one wonders why we have the them always at home 😉
Cherries are in season, will try this one soon, maybe also as a popsickle :) Thanx for sharing :)


We made this at home and it’s super yummy. We used fresh cherries instead of frozen since we had those on hand. Really good healthy alternative.


I made this today using low fat Greek yogurt + a bit of vanilla essence – delicious! Will definitely be making again very soon – thanks for sharing!


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I recently borrowed my mother in-laws ice cream maker. Do you think I could put it in there instead of the freezer? I am a bit impatient. :)

Mariella Alquiza

Wonderfully heavenly. I’ll do so as soon as I can get some cherries. Yipeeee! Thanks.

Mariella Alquiza

Wonderfully heavenly & healthy. I will grt some cherries as soon as I can. But how do you make the cones, they seem to be crispy & yummy that goes best with the ice cream.


Sounds more like a sorbet, but still delicious. There’s not much in the dessert world I love more than Cherry Garcia, and this seems like a healthy alternative!


Definitely try it @Heather= I don’t know exactly how ice cream makers freeze it’s ingredients, but it’s worth a try!


Just made a double batch, using a can of coconut cream instead of the non-dairy yogurt. I also added a drizzle of maple syrup for a extra touch of sweetness (though I probably didn’t need it). I ran out of Enjoy Life chips, so I used some organic chocolate chips (that are dairy free) instead. It’s freezing now, but the “soft serve” tastes delicious! Can’t wait until it freezes up!


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