Carrot Muffins



Healthy muffins for kids are hard to come by, but this one is a keeper!

Cleaning out the fridge I found some baby carrots that were turning bad.  They had that white look to them, and some were absolutely shriveled.  I wanted to make some carrot muffins, but I pictured myself shredding baby carrots and shredding my knuckles in the process because they were just too small.

Instead, I placed the carrots in a microwave safe bowl and water. Then I cooked them till they were soft.  This took a good 8 or 9 minutes, with me checking every few minutes.


Then I poured out most of the water, not all, and pureed them in my little mini food processor. You could also use a blender.  I used the carrot puree in my muffins instead of shredded carrots.  Then I was also able to reduce the oil because of the moistness of the puree.  Here is the final recipe.  I even made the muffin picture a link today if you want to try it. :)

They were so good.  They have everything I like in a muffin (or any food).  Healthy, low fat, full of vitamins and minerals, and delicious! Perfect for a healthy breakfast for kids.  Cereal boy thought they tasted like pumpkin muffins.


We’re on a muffin kick around here, so I’ll give these a try! I think that I might call them cupcakes and serve them as dessert since they have a bit of frosting on them. I don’t want to mess with the pumpkin muffin vibe we’ve got going on around here!


Cathy, we actually did call them cupcakes too.
Christy, wait till your carrots are shriveled and your about to toss them. :)
Michelle, its because muffins are like cake!
Liz, I’m inspired every time I visit your blog.
Vanessa, I thought about trying it with the master muffin, but didn’t. I promise if I do, I’ll let you know.


What a great idea! I’m always tossing old carrots it seems. And I’ve also tried shredding them and gotten bloody knuckles. This sounds SO good. I’m definitely trying it! Thanks!


Mary Kathryn. Thanks for the link. You are right, they are very similar. In fact, If I made these again, I would probably leave out the baking powder, she didn’t use any, and I did kind of taste it in the muffin. Thanks again.
Gina, I hated shredding those little guys too. If I had a food processor that shredded them for me though, I might consider it.


Perfect!! I have been searching and contemplating on different recipes for a healthy dessert to serve at my baby girl’s first birthday celebration this weekend. Still undecided, I sat down @ the computer to look again and came across yours. They sound easy and delicious! I cannot wait to make them! Thank you, thank you!


I think I might want to try this with shredded carrots, do you know how many cups it would be?


Hi Krisy-Ann- I bet if you packed it in well, you should be able to also use a cup of shredded carrots.
Thanks for visiting my blog :)


These are delicious. Thank you for the recipe. We may not even get around to frosting them before they’re gone!


Hi! I made these muffins today but made a few substitutions. Looking over the recipe, it didn’t strike me as overly “healthy” but more like a carrot cake posing as a muffin. A half cup of oil and 3 eggs is a lot, add that to 3/4 cup of brown sugar in addition to the icing – oof, seems heavy! Do you know the calorie count on this? I’m just curious.

Anyway, I decided to omit the oil and do a 1:1 sub with applesauce. I didn’t cook my carrots first but I did puree the raw carrots in my food processor with a medium banana (this was to replace 1 egg) which did give me a nice puree. I used 1 cup of white whole wheat flour in place of the regular white flour it calls for (I did also use 1 cup of regular whole wheat flour that is does call for) . I, of course, mixed the dry ingredients and wet separately and then mixed together. I then added a small handful of raisins and a smaller handful of chopped walnuts. I made them in mini muffin tins (yield 30 muffins). They turned out delicious.

For the icing I used regular cream cheese. Honestly, if you compare the ingredients of light or fat free versions of anything to the regular full fat version (especially dairy) you won’t want to use anything but the regular. It is the difference between 5 ingredients and 12 or so (reducing or removing fat always means adding in all sorts of additives to get it to be a palatable consistency, taste, etc. – you are better off with the real stuff). I did a bit less than 1/3 cup of powdered sugar. Tastes yummy.

Please don’t think this comment means I don’t love your site because I do! I just thought this recipe could be made even healthier.


Such a Devine and simple recipe! I added some oats
,grated pear, walnuts, almonds, honey, ground flax and sesame seeds to “health” it up a little more .. Yum


These look delicious! I’m always looking for quick, healthy breakfast ideas. I just stumbled upon a Spinach Muffin that my kids absolutely love! Can’t wait to add these to the mix!


Microwaved veggies are NOT healthy!!!!!When you microwave anything never mind baby carrots all the nutritional value is gone!!!!! Not a good recipe for a SUPER HEALTHY KIDS site! And do some research on those baby carrots in bags….they are soaking in bleach added to the water.


Great recipe am going to try it today. I have an extremely picky 3 year old son and I’m hoping that he’ll eat these. Because he literally refuses everything, it’s a battle of wills here most days and he usually wins….Thanks again for the recipe


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