Sack lunches

It has always been a challenge for me to include vegetables in a sack lunch.  Of course there is the old standby of cut up carrots with a side of ranch, but I'm sure this gets old quick, and it's the first thing to be tossed in the garbage.   I think a key here to getting the carrots eaten is…

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Healthy muffin recipe

Many days, my kids literally survive on snacks.  Some days I don't have time to fix actual meals, or we don't have time to sit down for them, so my snacks need to pack a lot of nutrients in them.  However, constant snacking can get pricey.  An average pouch of fruit snacks (which carries no nutrients and does little to…

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I want more Carrots!

My passion and goal is to get the kids to want to eat healthy!  We won't be with them throughout their lives pushing the healthy stuff on them and rewarding them with a cookie if they take one bite of their green beans.  Once your kids start making their own choices, they should be choosing healthy food, because they know…

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