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12 Quick and Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Pregnancy is definitely a time when snacking is encouraged.  It is almost like eating like a kid again, because instead of just eating 3 meals and maybe a snack, it feels like you are eating every few hours.  Sometimes thinking of what to eat is a challenge though and it is just so easy to justify grabbing a handful of chocolate chips instead of a handful of carrots............hmmm.......... read more

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Pregnancy: Foods To Avoid According to the Experts

As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, a lot of times your nutrition focus changes.  What is best for my baby?  Are there foods I shouldn't be eating?  What are the risks?  There can be a lot of conflicting information out there as to if a food or beverage is OK to consumer during pregnancy.   Ultimately, the choice comes down to you and your healthcare p.... read more

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Pregnancy: All About Morning Sickness

There is nothing more exciting than to see a positive sign on a pregnancy test and know that in 9 months you will be holding a sweet little babe in your arms.  You may have a few weeks of bliss and then without warning, you join the 'Queasy Club'.  Studies show that 75% of women will experience what is known as morning sickness.  The term is definitely misleading since the nausea an.... read more

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Fertility and Food

My amazing sister in law shared some information with me that she learned at an infertility conference she attended this weekend.  Factors influencing fertility #1 Factor: Age #2 Factor: Weight #3 Factor: Diet #4 Factor: Pollution   I'll share her notes on #3, the issue of diet and how it can affect fertility. Mediterranean Diet helpful.  It uses lots of veggies, fish.... read more

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