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Picky Eaters

Baby Bella Burgers {Plus a Mama Burger}

Quick, inexpensive, and best of all- SUPER HEALTHY!!  These mini mushroom burgers are all three.  If you have never tried to make mushroom burgers before, don't delay! You'll be surprised at how easy it is. For mushroom burgers we season, grill, and eat!  That's all.   Step 1-The seasoning: This is the step you can be creative, but we love a simple balsamic vinegar. Other.... read more

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All Fruit Shaved Ice

Once the shaved ice stands start opening up, I know that summer has officially started.  My kids ask me almost everyday for the first month of summer if we can get a shaved ice.  Personally I just like the fluffy ice, without all of the sugary syrup.  And you can pay up to $5 for one shaved ice! A few weeks ago, I made some homemade grape juice from grapes on .... read more

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Quinoa Dessert Bites

I remember growing up, my mom would always put homemade treats in my lunch for school.  A lot of my friends would have hostess treats,or other store bought treats, and in my little 7 year old mind I was so jealous!  It isn't until I have looked back as an adult that I realize how lucky I really was!  Homemade desserts are not only super delicious and way more filling, but they can c.... read more

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Carrot-Berry Lunchbox Applesauce

Our goal each day is to eat five fruit and vegetables.  It usually isn't too difficult, but some days we are better than others.  This applesauce however is a super easy way to get three full servings of fruits and veggies, without complaint!   Mixing veggies into applesauce is something that the food industry has caught on to, and with great success.  Slurping applesauce out .... read more

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Fruit and Veggie Smoothie Muffins

If you have been following us for a while now, you will know that there are 2 things that I really love.  The first is homemade popsicles, and the second is the combination of banana, spinach and frozen mango.  I pretty much drink that smoothie  And so do my kids!  Either in smoothie or popsicle form - and they haven't complained yet!   I love making a b.... read more

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6 Super Healthy Green Ice Creams for Kids

The kale in my garden has exploded! We're not quite eating it fast enough.  Kale as well as other leafy greens are super foods and should be a regular part of a child's diet.   One cup of chopped kale contains 33 calories and 9% of the daily value of calcium, 206% of vitamin A, 134% of vitamin C, and a whopping 684% of vitamin K. It is also a good source of minerals copper.... read more

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Green Frog Pops

Trying to get your kids to eat a bowl full of greens might not be a reality for you. But getting them to eat a popsicle, probably is!  We believe that offering your kids fruits and vegetables in a variety of ways, using a variety of preparation methods is the most effective way to get them to eat lots of different fruits and vegetables.  These pops are a great way to offer kids not only .... read more

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Freezer Pizza Bites

I think at some point, every parent has been in a crunch and pulled out something from the freezer for a quick meal or snack.  Sometimes all you have is a few minutes and it is a lifesaver to have something already prepared that you only have to pop in the oven.  These pizza bites are like the ones you can buy in the freezer section at the grocery store - without all of the preservatives.... read more

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Veggie Lunch Wraps

This week we are excited to bring you all sorts of no-cook meal ideas!  Sandwiches, smoothies, wraps, salads, and a variety of snacks can all be great mealtime options without using your oven or stove!  Whether it's the middle of summer and it's too hot to cook, or you are too busy to spend time in the kitchen, these no-cook ideas can save you!  Head over to our social pages to foll.... read more

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All Natural Peanut Butter Dip

Sometimes kids just really want to dip their food into something.  In my opinion, letting your kids dip their fruits and veggies is 98% more effective than offering them the same fruit or veggie 7 times to get them to accept it.  And dipping it in a peanut butter dip?  Kids and adults alike will be eating celery like it is going out of style.  We love this dip at our house. &nb.... read more

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Super Crispy Baked Corn Chips and Scoops

Corn chips don't have to be deep fried, and homemade ones don't have to take very long either.  My kids enjoyed helping me make these, and they turned out terrific!  We love corn chips because they are a delicious vehicle for veggies and nutrient rich dips! We dip our chips into our favorite triple bean dip, guacamole, and even hummus. We followed the directions on the bag of corn flour.... read more

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Whole Wheat Goldfish Crackers

There are some foods that have been labeled as 'kid-food' that I will never understand why kids (or adults) like them.  Goldfish, Boxed Mac N' Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, and Hot Dogs to name a few.  A lot of these foods are made with bleached white flour, additives, preservatives, food dyes, aside from the fact that they taste like the cardboard box they come in.   Making food from s.... read more

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Our-Way Mini Sub Sandwiches

The fun thing about restaurant dining is everyone in your family can get something different! The very thing we avoid when we are cooking for our family at home.  If you've ever said before "I'm only making one meal tonight, you eat it or you don't", you know what I'm talking about! But this is also the reason we love a good old home style buffet- The potato bar, the oatmeal bar, the salad b.... read more

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Veggie Stuffed Mushrooms

Before any of you say, 'My kid will never eat that' I would tell you to read on.  For some reason, mushrooms seem to be the ugly duckling of the vegetable world, (technically they are a fungus) right along side of Brussels sprouts.  Is it the texture, the flavor, the appearance?  The flavor of most mushrooms is generally mild, and so I would probably rule that out.  The appeara.... read more

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Portabella Pizzas For Kids

It's mushroom week!  Mushrooms are definitely a super food. As the only in the produce department that provides vitamin D, they are essential for kids.  Especially during those dark winter months.  Mushrooms also: stimulate the immune system Inhibit estrogen production Prevent DNA Damage and slow cancer growth! (source) Follow us all week on our social media pages as well w.... read more

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Crispy Bean Tots

Tater tots.  Classic cafeteria lunch food right?  The reality is, they really are not very different from french fries.   Potatoes, fried in oil.  But kids love them!  Our version is made from garbanzo beans which are high in fiber, protein, and B vitamins.  We bake them instead of fry and they still turn out crispy, but are healthy and delicious.     .... read more

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Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls

Savory, cheesy warm pizza rolls.  But these rolls don't stop there!  They are packed, literally with veggies.  For those of you with kids who have a hard time with all of the textures and flavors of veggies, these pizza rolls are the perfect way to provide a variety of veggie flavors without overwhelming them.  We believe it is important to serve your kids veggies in different .... read more

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Vegetables: To Hide or Not to Hide

broccoli puree.jpg
  I have never been a fan of “hiding” vegetables in our dishes.  I often wondered what would happen when I actually decided to serve up that particular food to my kids; or my husband for that matter! Growing up, my mother just served the food and lovingly (big smile!) asked us to have just one spoonful.  One particular vegetable I can remember completely despising: PEAS! But today,.... read more

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Beet Berry Jam

This weeks theme for our blog (and our social media pages) is Hiding Veggies (follow #hidingveggies)!  And just in case you have an aversion to this technique- you must know that we hide veggies in an effort to increase the nutrients of our dishes.  Not with the intent of tricking the kids.  We do this by talking with our kids about what is in their food and why!  For this Beet.... read more

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Top Tips to Get your Kids to Eat Salad

I'm pretty sure every parent has heard the words 'I don't like that' at the dinner table.  Most often it seems the 'offensive' dish is a vegetable of sorts.  Put a bowl full of raw vegetables in front of a kid??  No way.  But there is a way!  And the proof is in the puddin'.  I have 2 kids that are very different eaters.  One will literally eat anything you put i.... read more

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Salad Dippers

There are literally thousands of different salad recipes from leafy greens, to fruit, to potatoes.  I got thinking about what a salad really is, and so I just googled the definition.  Some definitions are: -a combination of various foods, that may or may not contain leafy vegetables, usually served chilled or at a moderate temperature. -a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked .... read more

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Fun After School Snacks

  Pretty much every child that I know loves animals.  I'm not sure if it is because they can relate to animals better than adults (or act like them :) or really what the connection is, but isn't it endearing?  We don't have any animals at our house right now, but my girls ask me if when can get a dog probably on a weekly basis.   I keep telling them when they turn 12.  (I.... read more

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Choose Your Own Adventure Veggie Lunch

I started reading Parenting with Love and Logic this week.  It is seriously such a good book and has made me completely reevaluate my parenting style.  It has made me think about kids and food choices and how our goal as parents is to teach our kids how to make balanced healthy food choices on their own someday. When kids are little, the parent is the provider of all the food.  They.... read more

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MyPlate for the Picky Eater

Teaching balanced eating to children can sometimes be difficult to achieve.  Often, kids want to eat only what they want to eat, and don't really care or think about eating for nutritional purposes.   My kids get stuck in food ruts, where they want to eat the same thing for every meal days in a row.  Part of children learning and growing is that they are able to make their own food .... read more

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Kid-Friendly Brussels Sprouts

I think brussels sprouts is one of those universally hated foods. Its like lima beans.  If there is a threat to kids that they are going to have to eat some gross vegetable..........then brussels sprouts automatically comes to mind. 'Do your chores or I'm making brussels sprouts for dinner!'  And if you have a picky eater, then just forget it, right?   In fact, when I was buying the.... read more

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Are They Picky, Or Just Selective?

    Is this the typical response you get at meal times, “Can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead?” Or do you simply receive those weird faces? Are you ready to just tear your hair out? Believe it or not, I completely understand.  Even more frustrating is when I get those looks from my husband (Insert my own weird face here)! So we all have them: picky eaters. Being .... read more

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Picky Eater Dinner Approved- Easy Cheesy Bean Toast

When I'm looking for recipes that even the pickiest eater will eat, I turn to my sister in law! With 5 kids from 2-12, she's made a lot of meals that are both rejected and accepted.  Once she finds one that her kids like, she makes it again and again of course!  This bean toast is one of those meals.    Easy Cheesy Beans on Toast She tried this recipe from Food Network Maga.... read more

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Homemade Spaghettios- With Extra Veggies

Good morning!  The weather has been unseasonably warm for us here in Utah, and we are taking full advantage! In fact, I wrote just two weeks ago, "we're headed out for our last hike of the year", and then BAM! A 60 degree day (that felt like 70) in mid-November!  I just couldn't let it get away.  At first, my kids didn't want to go.  But I've been talking about this book Spark,.... read more

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The Anti-Flu Super Smoothie for Kids

Superior nutrition can keep your kids from catching every bug that goes around this winter.  Sometimes however, super bugs invade their lives, and even with the best nutrition, they can get sick.  We have a smoothie with the super foods that can not only boost their protection, but also help recover faster if they do get sick! "Certain plant foods contain significant amounts of substa.... read more

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Fruits and Vegetables Every Day!

This is my 8 year old niece Maddie. She's super spunky, nutty, and down right entertaining.   This cute girl called me up last Thursday morning (at 6:30AM) to ask me what kinds of fruits and vegetables she could eat for breakfast! She had a few days at school where she kept getting in trouble, and my sister had been tossing around the idea that a healthier breakfast may in fact have a posi.... read more

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Hidden Veggie Mac and Cheese

The hidden vegetable trend-What do you think of it? My opinion has always been- I'm all for it!  And not for the intention of "tricking the kids" but rather increasing the nutrients of our meals.  Plus, if you get the added bonus of less complaints, why not?!  We still try to add a side of veggies so the kids are used to seeing veggies on their plates at every meal, but if we can in.... read more

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How to Get Your Kids To Be Good Eaters Using Choose My Plate

We gets lots of emails from parents telling us they know how important it is to feed their kids healthy foods, but they're just not sure how to do it. Despite my own background in nutrition, I have had to go through some trial and error with my own kids.  In fact, sometimes it seems like every day is a trial and error.  I think as parents we all have good intentions of feeding our k.... read more

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Pack-able Sandwiches on a Stick

Do you ever get tired of packing the same old sandwich in a lunch or for an outing?  The thing about sandwiches is that if you assemble ahead of time, they almost always end up soggy.  There is pretty much nothing worse than a soggy sandwich - right?  When you separate the sandwich ingredients it stays fresh, your kids can choose what they want to include, and there are so many fun .... read more

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5 Unfounded Fears of Feeding Children (And When Parents Really Need to Worry)

My husband laughs at me when I have to start a sentence with, "So... I have this friend that I know in real life..."  lol, but Maryann Jacobson, Registered Dietitian and author of the fabulous blog, Raise Healthy Eaters, is someone I know in real life!  And she is as lovely as you can imagine.  Now, Maryann has just co-authored a book titled Fearless Feeding, that she's offered to o.... read more

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Kid-Friendly Veggie Dips

The other night I opened the fridge to get a snack out and saw all of my veggies cut up.  Plain raw veggies just wasn't going to cut it, until I saw a bowl of dip I had whipped up earlier.  I realized that I am much more likely to eat raw fruits and veggies if I have some kind of delicious dip to go with it, and my kids are definitely the same way!  If I just put carrot sticks on a .... read more

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Black Bean Brownies and Dye-free Green Frosting

Last week my mom made brownies when my girls were at her house.  They LOVED them.  I can't remember the last time I made brownies - seriously it could be years ago.   But I do like to make a good homemade treat for them every once in a while because they just love it so much.  I think they almost like the actual making of it more than they like eating the treat.   This is.... read more

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Book Reviews: Picky Eater Books

We have a new category: Book Reviews!  I have many favorite books that I compiled on our "Book Recommendation" page, but no official book review category, because where would we put the books we don't recommend? There are so many helpful books out there to  help parents to feed their kids better, that we might as well start talking about them.  Books are difficult for me to read. By.... read more

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Picky Eaters: How to Expand and Diversify their Diets!

I've been watching in awe as my cousin raises her adorable son who has autism.  My aunt recommended I talk to her about dealing with food behavior and kids who have autism. Instead, I thought it would be better for Angela to write the post for me!  And, don't forget we've posted our meal ideas for this week, on the meal plan page. Here is Angela's post: I am mom of a 3 year old w.... read more

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Power Packed Fruit and Veggie Muffin for Picky Eaters

Almost every day we get a parent that writes to us about their picky eater.  As a parent, sometimes getting your child to eat anything let alone eat healthy can be very stressful! While I am a big proponent of teaching your children to love healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables, sometimes you have to have a back up plan.  Today our back up plan are these super healthy muffins.&.... read more

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My Best Strategy For Turning a Picky Eater

As we were hanging out with our neighbors on Sunday night, the 3 year old, upon seeing TJ eating an apple, picked up an apple and started eating one himself.  Shocked, my neighbor Julie said, "We are witnessing a miracle here! He never eats apples!"  Julie's 3 year old loves my 8 year old son TJ, and loves to copy things he does.  The strategy that has worked for me in getting kids .... read more

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Will they eat it if it looks like the Mona Lisa?

Experiment of the night: Ketchup boy and Cereal boy will not eat cataloupe.  Which is a crying shame with more vitamin A than any other fruit, and as much vitamin C as an orange, they are really missing out.    Unfortunately I'm not a creative mom that can carve Mt. Rushmore into their mashed potatoes. So with my limited skills I wanted to see if it even mattered.&nb.... read more

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Healthy Wives Club

From Megan: "Its all I can do to get Dan to eat CORN."  From Eleice: "Jim wanted me to pick up donuts on the way home from the Gym this morning!"  From Tia: "Darrell is such a picky eater!"   Is your husband's diet atrocious? Would he rather you brought home poptarts than peas?  They need our help ladies.  It is up to us to see that our husbands live to a ripe o.... read more

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Picky Eaters

Quick respose to a question first, and Kristin, I'll get to your question Monday. Question of the week from Ailene: My kids won't eat anything orange. Actually, they won't eat any fruits and vegetables for that matter. What can I do? The biggest most effective way to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables is to be a role model.  This is a great quote, "One study, using sliced bel.... read more

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Day 7: Covert Operations

Today is the last day in a series of increasing fruits and vegetables in your family's diet.  If you have tried all 6 ideas and are still being met with resistance, you must do what mothers have been doing for ages..."sneak it in."  As I have said in the past, I am not a fan of the sneaking vegetables, only if it means your kids will never learn to eat vegetables.  I am a fan of inc.... read more

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Day 6: Re-offer, re-peat, re-try, re-ask

Children's taste buds are more sensitive than adults. Because of their sensitive taste buds, they often think bitter food such as spinach and asparagus don't taste very good.  But as they grow up, if you keep re-offering that food, they will grow accustomed to the taste, and eventually enjoy the taste of it.  Their taste preferences are forever changing.  Maybe that's why .... read more

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Day 5: Enlist the forces

Tip of the day:  Let the kids be part of the process.  When they have time and interest invested, they are more likely to discover new foods and discover they actually like them. Kids can do a lot of things.  Let them choose the produce at the store, wash it, chop  it(unless they are a four year old who thinks everything can be cut with a light saber), .... read more

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Day 4: Dress it up

I'll admit, my kids have never eaten a piece of broccoli without ranch.  They have never eaten raspberries outside of a smoothie, and they haven't tried blueberries without the muffin.  But we're trying.  But even I think some things are tastier when they are dressed up. There are a million ways to dress up fruits and vegetables so they are appealing to children.   O.... read more

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Day 3: Carrot Juice anyone?

Please do NOT waste nine years of your childs life like I did without letting them try carrot juice! My kids loved it.  I had NO idea.  Now I really need to get one of those super duper juicer/blender very expensive things.  I found some carrot juice with apple and passion fruit added toit at the store.  The carrot juice was the first ingredient, so I know there is .... read more

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Day 2: Eat The Rainbow

  Variety, Variety, Variety.  For years the "Produce for Better Health Foundation" at, formally known as 5aday,  has been teaching this.  I will quote directly from their literature:"Eating fruits and veggies in a variety of colors--red, dark green, yellow, blue, purple, white and orange--provides the broadest range of nutrients. And.... read more

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Day 1: Where is your Fruit Basket

The first step to helping your kids eat more fruits and vegetables is to make it accesible to them.  Do you keep your fruit basket on the counter where they can't reach it.  If you don't want them getting snacks themselves, is it in their line of sight where they can see it and ask you for it. I keep my fruit basket on the counter because all my kids can reach it.  They definitely .... read more

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Hiding Vegetables

Normally I am opposed to hiding vegetables.  I have always felt like kids should know and choose to eat vegetables so when they leave the nest, they will continue to eat them.  Well, I wanted to try some recipes from Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food or the Sneaky Chef because I can also put veggies "on the side" and they'll get double the benefits.&.... read more

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According to my idol, Dr. Oz from Oprah, Fiber is THE most important thing in our diet.  Children over five should be consuming 5grams of fiber, plus their age.  So my 9 year old would need 14 grams of fiber a day. So, they wanted pancakes for breakfast.  Sometimes I buy whole wheat pancake mix, sometimes I just buy what's on sale.  Currently, I only have regular store brand b.... read more

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