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Healthy Kids

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How to Fuel Your Young Athlete

Want to help your young athlete get that competitive edge? Be sure to fuel them with the most wholesome clean foods possible.  Both of my children are always bouncing around, love riding bikes, jumping rope and swimming, so that alone calls for good nutrition.  My daughter has been in ballet since the age of 2 and now, as she is just about to turn 8, she sees it as more of a sport and ha.... read more

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Dole Date Almond Energy Bars- Sports Nutrition

This week we are talking about sports nutrition, and keeping kids fit!  Follow our conversation in social media at #fitkidsfood.  Today, I have the perfect energy bar for kids involved with competitive sports.  (Even if you aren't in sports, you're going to want to make these! They are amazing!) First of all, our go-to snacks for kids that need extra energy has always been Almond.... read more

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4 Ways to Add Fitness Into a Busy Life

playground workout.jpg
Are you easily distracted? Do you feel out of shape? Are you battling with kids who just want to watch TV or play video games? Is your day already booked up so much that you are tempted to add that 25th hour? Well, I am here, once again, to help you with a fun, inspiring and doable way to add more fitness into your family's life. Overcome Your ObstaclesI too, will often find myself needing to r.... read more

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Keeping Kids Fit: Before, During and After School

book review
  "We all know kids can't sit still-so let's tap into that energy for health and fitness." A great quote that is the subject focus of 303 Kid Approved Exercises + Active Games, by Kimberly Wechsler.  As a mother I am always reminding myself that its perfectly normal for my 5 and 7 year olds to be bouncy the minute they wake up until their heads hit the pillow at night.  As a.... read more

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New Year's Diet: Should It Be a Family Affair?

It should not be alarming to hear that in the US, 1 out of 3 children and a third of adults are considered overweight or obese.  Again, it should not come as a surprise to hear that with an increase in weight there is an increase in: coronary heart disease Type 2 diabetes (a large scale issue in and of itself!) cancers hypertension stroke high levels of total cholesterol and tr.... read more

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Ho-Ho-Hold It!

I recently read that nearly 2/3 of us who make new years resolutions, have fitness at the top.  Of those, close to 75% give up before the fun even begins! My thoughts: change it to a goal as opposed to a resolution.  So as your personal Super Healthy Kids fitness trainer, I am going to offer an idea for a fitness goal.  I challenge you to commit to 15 minutes of activity every other.... read more

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Teaching Nutrition to Rambunctious 10 Year Old Boys

I had the opportunity to teach a group of 10 year old Cub Scouts (Webelos) a nutrition lesson to earn their Fitness badge yesterday.  I actually love teaching this one.  I have taught it at least 6 times to different cub groups in my area.  But those boys are CRAZY!! And cute. And Fun. And super smart!  I usually don't have to teach them much, because their parents have done su.... read more

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Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes

Soccer, football, and Lacrosse are in full swing right now, and one of our local football teams wanted some nutrition advice for their parents and players.   The kids who are serious about sports will know that they can have the advantage if they eat right as well as train hard.  (print for your team parents here) Eating for competition Competition provides a reason for athletes to t.... read more

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Fruits and Vegetables Every Day!

This is my 8 year old niece Maddie. She's super spunky, nutty, and down right entertaining.   This cute girl called me up last Thursday morning (at 6:30AM) to ask me what kinds of fruits and vegetables she could eat for breakfast! She had a few days at school where she kept getting in trouble, and my sister had been tossing around the idea that a healthier breakfast may in fact have a posi.... read more

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Top 10 Reasons Growing a Garden Helps your Family Be Healthier

I remember growing a garden as a child.  One thing I distinctly remember is growing 'popcorn' but I'm pretty sure it didn't work out.  As a kid I didn't really care that it didn't work out,  I just thought it was really cool that we were growing it.  I also remember picking cherries off our cherry tree.  It was a pie cherry tree and so they were super sour and probably did.... read more

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Spartan Kids Almond Coconut Power Bars {With Giveaway!}

We ran the mud run, and then a fun run- but now my kids want to take it to the next level.  And, by next level they mean they want to run the SPARTAN!  While I'm all about supporting them in whatever they want to do, the full Spartan in Utah is 9 miles long, packed full of obstacles.  I did agree to let Nate, who will be 15 next summer.  But Erica and TJ are going to have to se.... read more

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How to Get Your Kids To Be Good Eaters Using Choose My Plate

We gets lots of emails from parents telling us they know how important it is to feed their kids healthy foods, but they're just not sure how to do it. Despite my own background in nutrition, I have had to go through some trial and error with my own kids.  In fact, sometimes it seems like every day is a trial and error.  I think as parents we all have good intentions of feeding our k.... read more

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Kids in the Kitchen: 3 Step Raspberry Cheesecake

There are two foods that literally make my mouth water when I look, smell, touch, or think about them. Truly uncontrollable salivating.  It is kiwi and raspberries.  In fact, as I look at the raspberry pictures, and write this post, I can't stop my mouth from watering.  Why should your kids eat raspberries?  Here's the deal!  At very young ages, your k.... read more

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10 Fun and Crazy Races for Kids

My first organized exercise experience was in 1985 (I was 12 years old), and my mom brought me to Jazzercise with her!  I actually remember the facility clear as it were yesterday. The Olivia Newton John records were playing and all the housewives wore leotards with tights and leg warmers!  Ha ha.. formal exercise sure has evolved over the last thirty years.  And these days it's mor.... read more

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Cowabunga Bay {Utah Giveaway}

I love to take my kids places where getting "exercise" is more about having fun than sweating!  However, it get's hot here in Utah during the summer!  Some days, it's almost harder to be outside in the heat, than it is for them to get out in the winter! Ok, not for my 10 year old TJ who lives outside, but for my other two,  they don't love to be outside when temperatures are near 10.... read more

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Sports Nutrition for Kids

Whether your kids are competitive athletes, or weekend warriors, it's good to be at the top of their game, have good energy,  and feel healthy enough to participate in sports!  On Saturday our family did a "for fun" race. We participated in an event called, The Dirty Dash- where we all ran (and fell) through an obstacle course full of  mud!   It was crazy fun, and we'll definit.... read more

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Veggie Pizza Braid {With Video!}

A few months ago, I brought my 12 year old, Erica to a cooking show.  She watched the gals from Pantry Secrets make a "dessert braid" and literally went home and made her first braid that night.  Since the cooking show, she's probably made them about 12 times, changing up the filling to suit her cravings!  She loves it and she got good at it really fast.  So, today af.... read more

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Kids Activity- Home Dried Basil

Although the basil plant I purchased in the produce section of my grocery store looked initially like it was going to die, We totally saved it!  I posted the dying picture on Facebook, and it was suggested multiple times to re-pot it. So, we did and it lived!  I think the original pot wasn't big enough to hold all the water it needed to thrive!   So, with new pots, our three herb.... read more

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Kids Fitness Made Fun- Twitter Party- Cash Prizes!

Thanks everyone for participating! Our winners are: $25 @saraiahJ $50 @martiferg $75 @mcgraw14me $100 @madmomnotodrugs $125 @mhappynow $150 @ttapia0905 Want to chat with us about getting your kids active this summer?   We've got some great ideas on summer fitness!  We'll talk about the benefits of keeping your kids active.  We've got a kids exercise expert, and we know you h.... read more

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Sugar Snap Boats, Bugs, and Butterflies

Our tagline at Super Healthy Kids is that we want to make Eating Fruits and Vegetables: Simple, Fun, and Delicious!  Today's Sugar Snap Peas fit into all three- according to my kids! Most kids love fresh green peas. They come in many varieties, most popular of them, garden peas, snow peas, and sugar snap peas.  The Sugar Snap Peas are the tastiest of the three.  You can test.... read more

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10 Ways to Involve your Kids in Local Races

In a study conducted by the Department of Education in California, they determined "Higher achievement was associated with higher levels of fitness in the three grades they tested."  Almost 1 million kids were tested. So in short, the more physically fit a child is, the smarter he is!  And it makes sense.  Exercise helps kids focus in the classroom, just as good nutrition does..... read more

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Rainbow Ribbons

The textures from fruits and veggetables is sometimes the only thing standing between your toddler and and a love for all things healthy! Even I sometimes have a tough time biting into a carrot that's too big, or wanting to eat carrots that are too mushy from cooking.  Turning your veggies into ribbons, with the use of a vegetable peeler, may be a great way for kids to eat their vegetables wi.... read more

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10 Cooking Skills Your Kids Should Know

When Erica was about 7, she decided she wanted to learn how to cook!  I had been having the conversation with her: "When you are a mom, you are going to need to know how to cook!"  So, she pulled out an old spiral bound notebook, put page numbers throughout the ENTIRE thing, and asked me to spell each and every ingredient for our salad (the recipe she is holding was a bread recipe)..... read more

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Flavored Water for Kids Plus Essential Benefits of Water!

Water!  We all need it, especially kids!  Did you know: Losing only 5% of water causes headache, fatigue, confusion, forgetfulness, elevated heart rate.  Water regulates body temperature. Water dilutes toxins and flushes them out. Provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues. Carries nutrients to your cells Water lubricates joints, improves skin, cushion&r.... read more

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Snowshoeing with Kids- 5 Tips to Make it Fun!

Keeping kids active in the winter is a challenge!  My kids actually don't mind the cold or being outside, but some days are just dark and dreary, and the only thing that sounds like fun is cuddling up with some popcorn and a movie!  In fact, I think our food posts in the winter go up by 90%, and our kids-exercise posts go down by 100% in the winter.  It looks like my last exercise p.... read more

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Sending Healthy Food To School {Hummus Veggie Sandwich!}

You may spend the better part of your morning putting together the perfect healthy lunch for your kids to take to school, but will it really matter if they don't eat it? I learned this the hard way when I found out my child traded his entire sandwich for a single candy corn in the lunch room!  Don't let this happen to you!  It's worth getting this right as your kids will bring 2160 lunch.... read more

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Quick Macaroni and Cheese

(New menu ideas for this week are posted) Last week my daughter Erica babysat my sister's kids.  My sister left a box of macaroni and cheese for Erica to make for her kids.  As Erica was making it, she said to me, "Mom! You've got to come see this!  Look at how orange this macaroni is!"   Laughing about the incident, I texted my sister about Erica's discovery.  My sister.... read more

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8 Ways To Reduce Your Kids Sugar Intake

If you are tired of your kids acting moody and feeling sluggish as a result of too much holiday sugar then let's re-commit together to take the health of our families up a notch!  I'm ready!   Sugar doesn't only make kids (and yourself) moody and tired. Too much sugar (more than 25 grams of added sugar a day) also: Reduces brain function!   Leads to over-eating (that one should .... read more

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Hot Apple Cider with Kid Assembled Spice Pouch

We got a late start this year,but finally, on Saturday night, buckled down with 9 pounds of almonds and bagged and tagged 25 gifts of cinnamon almonds for a few friends and family! I wish we could make hundreds of these and give one to every person in the neighborhood!  It's not the time, because these babies are super easy and fast to make, but it's so dang expensive!  We paid about $4..... read more

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Fresh Spinach Personal Christmas Pizza Trees

The kids are out of school for Christmas break!  I can't remember when it happened, but at one point, my life was easier when they were in school. Now, life is so much easier (and better) when they are on break!  We slow down in the morning, and spend more time together in the kitchen! What more could a mother ask for!  Spending time in the kitchen with your kids is a great way to c.... read more

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Homemade Whole Wheat Tortillas with Holiday Breakfast Burrito

The holiday performances are beginning!  I always let my kids choose one sport and one instrument to participate in (if they want.. I don't have the energy to get them to activities they aren't interested in).  I really think playing instruments makes them smarter! So, I always hope they'll want to play.  My boys are the only ones interested in music however. Erica has tried both pi.... read more

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Fiber 101 and Constipation in Kids

Constipation is very common in little children, and I have learned this from my own experience with my kids.  My little Sophie has had constipation issues since she was just a baby.   What is it? Constipation is typically characterized by infrequent bowel movements or hard, dry stools. Some signs and symptoms of constipation are: No bowel movements for several days Bowel move.... read more

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Flax Freezer Waffles- Homemade and Toaster Ready

One of the first things kids can learn to do themselves in the kitchen is to use the toaster!  I remember my kids being so proud of the morning they "made" waffles, when really, they just toasted some commercial waffles!  However, it's probably been at least 8 years since I purchased toaster waffles.  There is no need to!  Homemade toaster waffles are better than store bought b.... read more

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Picky Eaters: How to Expand and Diversify their Diets!

I've been watching in awe as my cousin raises her adorable son who has autism.  My aunt recommended I talk to her about dealing with food behavior and kids who have autism. Instead, I thought it would be better for Angela to write the post for me!  And, don't forget we've posted our meal ideas for this week, on the meal plan page. Here is Angela's post: I am mom of a 3 year old w.... read more

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Enjoying an Active Life So Your Kids Will Too

Being a healthy role model for your kids is more than letting them see you eating a bowlful of veggies for dinner.  It's about your attitude towards eating those veggies!  You can eat healthy food, but do your kids see you enjoying them?   One thing I've always been excited about is exercise.  I thoroughly enjoy being active!  I would rather go on a run in the m.... read more

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Raspberry Salad with Homemade Raspberry Vinegar

We are forever experimenting with salads and dressings, so it's quite shocking that we've never made our own flavored vinegar before! I've been meaning to, and I even get excited about the idea of making vinegar for Christmas gifts, and yet we never have. So, then when I was shopping at Ross, I came across some oil and vinegar jars for about $2.00 per jar, and I decided to get .... read more

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Zucchini Eyeballs

We made these Zucchini Pizzas for our meal planning site during the summer.  It wasn't until I was looking through some old pictures that I decided they look like eyeballs and would be perfect for Halloween!! We love finding healthy food for a holiday that is famous for being the most unhealthy of them all!  With all the candy and junk food kids get, it will actually be welcoming to hav.... read more

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Fall Hikes and a New Meal Plan

We found a new strategy to get our stubborn one to head out on a hike without complaining.  We made her a photographer!  (It was a better approach than the time we paid her not to complain).  But, how can you resist these fall colors?   Exposing kids to the outdoors, is a great for their health, even if you don't hike or exercise in the outdoors. Simply being outdoors r.... read more

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How Much Fruit Kids Need and 10 Ways to Get It!

This summer we have been eating a lot of fruit around our house... a lot!  Fruit is one of nature's most perfect foods! It has enough calories and fiber to be filling.  It is packed with antioxidants and vitamins that we haven't even discovered yet.  And the carbs and natural sugar from fruit, sent to your brain for energy can not be matched with anything synthetic.  Caffeine o.... read more

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Girls Race Day plus a New Meal Plan

Erica and I ran a race together this morning.  It was called Utah Runner Girls!  So fun!  There was a half marathon, 5k, and a 1 mile princess run.  I ran the half and Erica (my 11 year old) ran the one mile princess run and came in first place!  She was thrilled.  I mean, really really thrilled. Her pre-race meal was a green smoothie and cantaloupe.  Mine, a ba.... read more

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Hikes For Bribes and New Meal Plan

How much does it cost a stubborn 11 year old to hike 3 miles without complaining?  Apparently $3.  Yes, it is unfortunate it came to that, but at the sake of making the rest of our company miserable, it was necessary. We arrived at Arches National Park on Saturday morning because we wanted to show our Japanese Student how incredible Utah is!  And it is incredible!!  We set out.... read more

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5 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Junk Food

Many of you may be surprised to learn that my healthy kids don't always eat healthy foods! It's tragic I know.  The sad reality is they are old enough to make their own choices when they aren't home, and they don't always choose green peppers when there are chips around. As a mother I've thought long and hard about this, and although I feel like my years of influence are quickly going away, t.... read more

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Keeping Kids Cavity Free

My  kids have actually been extremely lucky in the dental department.  As far as cavities goes, Nate's never had one, TJ and Erica have only had one.  All three of them however will spend a good amount of time in the Orthodontist office. Keeping the cavities at bay doesn't just happen in the bathroom.  In fact, despite the lack of cavities, my kids are horrible about brushing .... read more

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Kids in the Kitchen with Eggs

If I could add Erica, my 11 year old, as a blog author- I would.  Her problem is, she rather play with friends. (ha ha).  But, many of the ideas for this site have actually been her ideas.  Including the one for today! It should be the goal of every parent to get to a place where your kids are making their own food, right?  You don't want your kids to be eating ramen and ven.... read more

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Outdoors with Kids and Healthy Meals

There is a waterfall in Alpine, Utah that you can literally slide down like a waterslide.  This new favorite outdoor spot has just made it to the top of a new list I'm making called, "Cool things God makes to help your kids enjoy the outdoors!" The benefits to kids who connect with the outdoors while they are young go beyond good physical health. They have also found the kids who get outside .... read more

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City Parks Keep Kids Healthy {Plus a Challenge with a Prize}

neptune park saratoga springs
"Unstructured free play in the out-of-doors brings a host of benefits to children --from being smarter to more cooperative to healthier overall. City parks play a vital role in connecting kids with the outdoors!" (Source)  Some kids are lucky enough to have a yard to play in, but there are also many kids without this type of safe outdoor access.  City parks play a vital role in the access for urba.... read more

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Outdoor Adventures For Kids {Timpanogos Caves}

starting timp with family
This summer, write a list of activities you can do outdoors with your kids!  I'll be posting one new outdoor adventure every week this summer because I feel so strongly that it's vital to our kids health.  Of course food is fun, and healthy food is generally our main focus here, but studies are reporting, children who spend more time outdoors are healthier and happier. Kids who are outdoors get m.... read more

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Coyote Gulch and New Meal Plan

Hurricane wash
When hiking with kids, it's important to be flexible! We had grand plans of backpacking into coyote gulch, with all our gear and camping.  It still may have been fine, but we backed out at the last minute, nervous it was too much for the kids.  Instead, we dropped our tent and sleeping bags at Calf Creek Campground, and then drove to Coyote Gulch for the hike. Despite hiking the kids over 18 miles.... read more

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New Meal Plan and Racing Season

The racing season has begun.  While I love to run a few races each summer, we always at least sign  the kids up for one of them.  This race was sponsored by Nate's middle school as a fundraiser.  Have I mentioned how I love fundraisers that encourage activity!  I'm pretty tired of buying cookie dough and would much rather support a 5K!  The kids all started out prett.... read more

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Hiking with Children

Snow Canyon
Hiking with kids is somewhat of a learned talent.  They get tired easily, cranky, bored, etc.  There are ways to keep it interesting and to keep them going.  Every year we take the kids on a few hikes for several reasons: To get them outside!  Have you heard of the book, The Last Child In the Woods. Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder?  Fascinating book!  The entire book details heal.... read more

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Soccer Mom’s Unite!

I just loved this video by Real Mom Nutrition so much, I had to share!  Please share with your coaches and team mates too!   (helpful links in the video: Meal Makeover Mom's policy letter, Real Mom Nutrition Letter to coach and team) I remember the late 70?s going to my brother's soccer games.  When it was our turn for snacks, we would cut up a bowl full of oranges, and the pla.... read more

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Building a Fort and a New Meal Plan

My husband has built a snow fort with my kids for as many years as I can remember. The funny thing is I think my husband likes it better than my kids!  They spend hours of hard labor, and they love to show all their friends when they are finished.  We let it stay up for a few days, and then knock it down before it collapses on unknowing children.  This is last year's fort: Yeste.... read more

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