Blender Wheat Pancakes


Nothing says whole wheat pancakes more than blender wheat pancakes.  If you haven’t tried this yet, its really quite easy.  While I prefer to use our homemade pancake mix, this is a nice change.  It makes great tasting fluffy pancakes that my family just loves, and it helps us to get through our 300 lbs of whole wheat.

Many people have posted different recipes for blender pancakes, but we use this one. Basically take milk and whole wheat kernels and blend them for about 5 minutes in a blender.  Pancakes are an easy thing for kids to love, so its a great idea to add healthy stuff to pancakes to increase the nutritional density of them.  And when you are using the whole wheat berry in a recipe, you can be sure all the nutrients are in tact. These include:

  • Fiber (which helps those little kiddies stay full longer, and assists in digestion)
  • magnesium (which helps calcium absorption, a must with little growing bones)
  • B vitamins (which gives energy… (OK maybe you don’t want your kids to get too much of this one)

If your kids don’t really like pancakes, or you feel the need to mix it up a bit, these are some pancake ideas we’ve tried:

  • Put your batter in an empty squeeze bottle (like you would buy for mustard at a picnic), and squeeze out letters and shapes onto the hot griddle.
  • Add cinnamon or cinnamon chips to your batter.
  • Add chocolate chips to batter, then make faces on the pancake like they do at IHOP.
  • Add blueberries on top or in the batter or other berries.
  • For toppings try peanut butter and syrup.
  • My favorite topping is yogurt!
  • Add oatmeal or other grains to the batter for a multi-grain pancake.

How do your kids like pancakes?

Tomorrow another grain that I’m almost sure every child likes.

By Amy Roskelley
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Love this idea! Of course, now I have to find a place that sells whole wheat berries around here. I’ve never looked before, so maybe it will be easier than I think!


So I just put the wheat directly in the blender? I don’t need a wheat grinder or anything for this? If that’s the case, Great! I can procrastinate getting my wheat grinder a little bit longer! :)


Cathy, I actually haven’t seen wheat at a regular store, but our health food store has some in the bulk section, and our Costco carries 50 lb buckets of them.
Liz, yes right in the blender! The whole kernel of wheat.

I have been trying to accumulate some food storage and heard this fall the price of wheat was going to rise. Well, we also live in the same city as Lehi Roller Mills (a flour mill) and we bought directly from them 50 lb wheat buckets for about $30 each bucket. So needless to say, I’ve been trying to find a lot of things I can do with wheat. :)

Heather G

I cook walnuts directly into my pancakes. Instead of eggs I use a banana. I find that the banana/walnut combination is nice.


I finally found some wheat berries in my small town and was able to make these waffles! They were very good. I added cinnamon to them to give them a little more flavor. Not sure that they’re my favorite waffle, but I have a feeling that they will be my husband’s fave (he hasn’t tried them yet). He tends to like bits of whole wheat berries in his breads.


I’m so glad you found them. The pancakes are chewier I guess you could say. Definitely good in its own way.


Amy, finally got around to making these. They were good! They didn’t have that bitter taste when using whole wheat flour but they still managed to taste like whole wheat. I liked them.
By the way, I assume the recipe should read 1 cup of whole wheat?


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