Alfalfa Sushi Sandwiches

Alfalfa sprouts make a great gardening activity for kids, any age, and at any time of the year.  The simple sprouting steps are:

  1. Put 1 TBL of alfalfa sprout seeds into a jar.
  2. Cover with water for 12 hours.
  3. Drain water.
  4. Rinse twice per day.


DSC_0996Once you have the sprouts, you could put them in sandwiches, but get creative and make our sushi sandwiches this way:

alflafa sushialfalfa-sushi2.jpg


  • Use 1 slice of whole wheat bread, crusts cut off
  • Roll bread with rolling pin until super thing
  • arrange veggies such as alfalfa, carrots, and avocado’s on one end of bread.
  • Roll up.
  • Use cream cheese to glue bread together.

Love these!



WOW Amy I didn’t even think of alfalfa sprouts, there’s more letter A foods then I thought. This does look yummy and fun to make. Thanks for a fun first week with the alphabet. Books are a must have in our house, we live at the library. Enjoy your weekend.


Ha, ha. I wanted to do artichokes actually, but couldn’t really think of anything. I loved artichokes growing up. We grew them in our garden. But yes, the sprouts won the post of the day :)
Have a great weekend too!


My kids LOVE sprouts and I am tired of buying them. I tried to do some in my sprouting jar but it didn’t work– is that what you used? I thought I knew more about sprouting and that it would be easy. I may have to give it another try.


I’m linking up my ham/alfalfa sprouts sandwhich idea. I had to call my daughter at college to help me remember it. This is what I’ll have for lunch this weekend, thanks Amy.


I’ve always wanted to try sprouting. Where do you get the seeds? When you rinse them do you just put in water, swish it around, and then dump it out again?


I got my seeds at Good Earth. You can get a pretty big container for just a few dollars. Yes, all we do is swish the water around and then drain the water out, leaving the seeds. It’s easier if you have a lid with a few tiny holes in it.
Linsey- Great idea!


Mary Katherine: You should definitely try it again! I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for you! Maybe you had some bad seeds. We’ve never had a problem, and I forget to even rinse them sometimes, and they still sprout. It’s great your kids like them!

lisa hainline

you mean the first ingredients are not sprouts but sprout SEEDS from a health store? you’re not growing sprouts from sprouts…right?


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